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Our Angle & Origins


We have been published internationally and our commercial and residential projects are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco, Holland, Portugal, and Canada. Curiosity, a demand for excellence, and drive are what lead Principal Designer, Ani to immerse in the rigor of architecture and design at the most prestigious institutions including Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, University of British Columbia, and Rhode Island School of Design. She has been active in the innovative and new field of neuroscience and environmental psychology research while completing her Master of Science in Architecture. Projects in the area of neuroscience for architecture and sustainable urbanism extend to the multifamily new construction sector presenting new research often to the City Planners and City Architects at the City of San Diego Planning Department.  She has spend years abroad in cities known for extraordinary architecture and urban design; among her favorite cities she has lived in is Copenhagen. Ani traveled with the Canadian Consulate and fellow graduate student colleagues for a "behind the scenes" Green Building Tour. Principal Architects at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG Architects) gave an exclusive tour which explained their design processes and techniques in extraordinary new construction and built carbon neutral architecture developments. Good design has a positive impact and crosses scales from urban design to interiors. Design contributes to people's well-being, health, productivity/success, and happiness and saw first hand why Denmark is consistently ranked #1 with the happiest people on earth.



Ani moved to San Diego and became fascinated with the human potential movement. She learned from Tony Robbins, Loral Langemeier, and Jim Bunch and achieved a "Master's degree in Life" and in Business Coaching.  She has been in high level exclusive business masterminds groups with multiple 7 and 8 figure earners and serial entrepreneurs.  Shortly after, she was trained in a number of programs bringing a conscious angle to her design business and clients. Incorporating concepts of interior design, environmental psychology and life/business coaching, her angle on design is unique. Designing spaces so people love where they work, live, or play is what drives Ani's passion for design and continuous desire for learning and research.  



The collections at Angle by Ani are designed to make the design process available to more people. She decided to create a business that could help more people so she launched her online boutique of curated collections and her online DIY program that helps people all over the world to design their own spaces with Ani's unique expertise. Her commitment is to positively impact as many lives as possible and create more beauty and inspiration. Ani is passionate about how design and development can positively impact people's lives with beauty, inspiration, and financial opportunities through building investment properties. Because she has lived internationally in cities world renown for being the most livable, sustainable, and overall great city design such as Vancouver, BC, Copenhagen, DM and Ijburg, NL, she incorporates vital and unique ideologies in her work and methods.   Mindset and affirmations are great, and the next secret ingredient is the way your environment is designed and ultimately impacts your well being and the likelihood of achieving financial and personal goals.


Schedule a consultation now to learn more about how you can have the Angle Interior Design team work a uniquely custom angle to for you! 

Founder & Principal.

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Message from Ani, Principal Designer & International Design Consultant 


Well-design interiors and environments can improve the possibility to help you achieve beneficial results in life. When you feel more joy and are surrounded by beauty daily in your home or at the office, you are likely more inspired-this causes a positive impact. Whether you need a relaxing atmosphere when you get home from a stressful high powered day or you need a productive work space that leads to generating great ideas to drive innovation for your business and career, a beautiful supportive well designed environment is key. We utilize a specialized environmental psychology technique which reinforces your goals in your residential or commercial space. In some cases, we like to consider our process similar to a life and dwelling vision board. Gain compliments by your guests that reflects the unique you and your personality. An aesthetic and beautiful space can help add additional romance and help your bottom line in your commercial space. What makes us unique is our commitment to your life and career intentions. 
If you'd like to learn more about design, try our DIY design course and learn the basic and start designing your space right away or on your own terms and timeline. We also offer development design consultation services to help you gain a maximum return on your investment. For added value to our clients, we collaborate and coordinate with many professionals; we can help connect you with the right pros for property acquisition, create construction documents for permitting, connect you with the building professionals, and even potentially help you find funding to build your dream project.  

Looking forward to working with your! -Ani


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